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I am Clinical Psychologist, Irem Yavuz. I graduated from Istanbul Kultur University Psychology Department with a thesis project on "Migration, Acculturation Strategies, and Psychological Symptom Findings." In addition to my psychology education, I took many minor courses from the Faculty of Communication Arts, Advertising Department. I completed my Pedagogical Formation education at the same university during my years. I have also received my specialization in Clinical Psychology by presenting my dissertation on "The Mediator Role of Alexithymia in the Relationship Between Attachment Styles, Trait Anger and Anger Expression Styles in University Students" at Haliç University. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults. During my undergraduate years, I worked as an intern psychologist in many different institutions such as Garanti Bank, Bakırköy Psychiatric Hospital, Kültür College, Terakki College, Aura Art Therapy Center. I worked as a Counseling Psychologist at Doğa College and Bahçeşehir Colleges in my working life; I worked as a school principal at Özel Şişli Kindergarten. I gave my speech titled "The Concept of Gender in Childhood" at the "Psychology and Gender" panel held at Kultur University. I wrote the article "On Losing the Relationship Between Parent and Child" in the book titled "Kids Do not Get Lost," published by D&R publications. I held sessions with many children, adolescents, and adult clients at Divan Psychology. The readings and lectures I took during my undergraduate education enabled me to gain a psychoanalytic sense. I learned how to use the power of attachments in family and incorporate games with the process of therapy through the Theraplay and Group Theraplay education and supervision that I have gotten from Saara Salo, Ph.D and Aslı Candan Kodalak. I have included art, which is my interest, in my sessions as a nonverbal tool, along with the Expressive Art Therapy workshops and pieces of training I attend. The International Schema Therapy training I received from Dr.Alp Karaosmanoğlu taught me to work with my adult clients from a diverse perspective. Being a psychologist living in a foreign country, working in different institutions, and being fed from different schools offers me a versatile perspective in my relationship with my clients. In line with my clinical knowledge and these perspectives, I work with a therapeutic approach sensitive to different cultures, empathetic, non-judgmental, warm, respectful, and ethical.
icon Education
  • Haliç University Clinical Psychology Master Degree
  • Istanbul Kültür University Psychology
icon Certificates
  • Art Therapy for Children and Young Adults
  • Group Theraplay
  • Pedagogical Formation
  • Schema Therapy(ISST approved)
  • Sociodrama Workshops
  • Theraplay and Marschack Interaction Method
  • Trauma, Children and Play
  • WISC-4 (Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children | Fourth Edition)
Child Psychology
Anger management
Anxiety Disorders
Child and Adolescent
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Play Therapy
Two-Year Syndrome
Happy Relationships
Romantic Relationships
Relationship Counseling
Toilet Training
Adolescent Counseling
Behavioral Disorders in Children
Stress and Anxiety Disorders
Sleeping Disorders
Coping Skills
Denver II
Eating disorders
Coping with Stress
Communication Disorders
Adolescent Psychology
Behavior Problems
Parental Attitudes
Gender Identities
Exam Anxiety
Identity Discovery
Adolescent Adjustment Problems
Social Phobia
Confidence Problem