Advancement Tracking, What Does It Mean?

Advancement Tracking, What Does It Mean?

Advancement Tracking, What Does It Mean? For which Children is it Necessary?

Advancement tracking concept is a concept of child development that has become rapidly widespread recently. For couples, being an individual is shaped by habits that can be learned and changed while living life. Each person has various identities, and the depth of these identities is also different from each other. Similarly, being a parent starts the process of formation of parental identity. And while you are raising your child, you will continue to learn to think about it. This is quite a natural situation. However, life cycle for a child are largely matures when they are in between of 0-6 years of age. This age range is the period when the brain and the world of emotions have the most active learning.

In cases where adult individuals have psychological problems, usually the roots of the problem are based on this age period.

The results of many studies also prove the importance of the development process in children in the age range of 0-3 years and 0-6 years.

With development tracking, you can contribute to your child's healthy development in psychological, emotional and social relationships from time to time. Depending on your own age and growth, it will be useful to develop memory, attention and concentration, or plan your hobbies. In this way, happy children who grow up with both fun and learning multiply with each topic covered. When students who have completed their healthy developement process start their school life, they are more inclined to establish a balanced relationship between their duties and responsibilities and their creativity.


So, What is Included in the Advancement Tracking?

The primary goal in the development and its follow-up process is for families to grow children by achieving a balance in their parental identity.

At the same time, the main goal is for your child to grow up emotionally healthy.

-Ideal development monitoring should be carried out in the preschool period. ( Between 0-6 years old)

-During the sessions, the process of supporting the largest areas in the child's life, directing and supporting them towards their own abilities is planned specifically for each individual.

-If necessary, your consultant can also direct you to various testing and screening studies.

With online advancement tracking, it has now become possible for almost every family to manage this process in its entirety. Although the practice of development monitoring in these age of time is becoming more widespread every day, there is no social habit yet as a total.


What Happens When There is No Follow-up of Development?

A possible relationship with your child's sibling may not be healthy if there is no online development tracking. Or especially in families where there is only one child; the child's adolescence can force the family. Advancement studies can solve all of these possible outcomes.

You may notice late that your child has a learning disability, social phobia, or in need of a support biologically. Similar situations can cause adaptation problems when school life starts when it is noticed late. Hence why advancement developing is crucial.

The issues that are noticed late in biological development can negatively affect the speed and health of your child at the age of growth.

If your child is experiencing stress and anxiety for any reason, as a parent, you may not notice the symptoms of these beforehand. They can be the results of a stressful situation in which the child experiences a desire not to enjoy their daily life, to get angry, or to bond excessively in a daily routine that seems normal. In cases where development monitoring is performed accompanied by a specialist; you will be able to notice it early and get through the process easily and healthily with the right approach.


Does Online Development Tracking Really Work?

Whether it is online advancement tracking or face-to-face advancement tracking, the most basic requirement is to establish a strong bond with the child and the family. During the bonding process, which is a first impression, your relationship with your advisor will increase in efficiency in the following years. For this reason, there is no problem for you to follow up your development online with an expert in its field. We would also like to mention the common tests applied in the process here;

-Development Screening Inventory

-IPC Temperament Questionnaire

-Good Enough-Harris: ’Draw a Man/Draw a Family Picture" Test

-Lousia Düsseldorf

-Peabody Picture-Word Recognition Test

-Bender-Gestalt Psychomotor Perception Test

You can experience a healthy growth process through the tests here, including motor skills and language skills.

You can instantly reach more than one expert team member on the Kidologist Platform and browse comments and feedbacks of other families.

We wish you a healthy, joyful and successful life throughout your entire family.

6 March 2022

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