An Overview To Speech Delay

An Overview To Speech Delay


    Language development ;It is a process that includes acquiring staring sounds, words, numbers, symbols and using them in accordance with the rules of language. 

    Language development begins at birth and continues throughout life. There is an important relationship with between language and learning. In learning process, the child's language develops.


What are the symptoms of speech delay ?

If your child is not able to do following steps, your child may have speech delay.

* Every baby can produce meaningless sounds until they are 3-6 months old and this does not mean, your child does not have hearing loss. Hearing screening should be done in every healthy born baby.

* 12-15 months old baby should start making meaningful sounds such as " mama, dada "

* 18 months old baby should understand simple words such as " yes, no, stop "

* By 3 years old child should be talking in short sentences. 

* By 4 years old child should be able to tell simple stories and memories. 

   As a result; we expect that our baby is ready to talk when he/she is 12-18 months old. if not? what could be the reason for this situation?

   A delay in speech development may be a symptom of many disorders including:

* Mental Retardation 

* Hearing Loss 

* Expressive Language Disorder

* Autism 

* Cerebral Palsy 

* Slow Development 

* Elective Mutizm 

* Receptive Aphasia 

* Psychosocial Deprivation 

   Speech delay may be secondary to maturation delay or bilingualism. 


Living bilingual may be a reason for speech delay. It would be hard for the children to use one or both languages, so it may take a long time for the children to overcome this difficulty. 


How a Speech Delay May Be Diagnose ?

   Your doctor can help you to recognize a speech delay by asking you some questions and making observations with your child. Due to the fact that your doctor may suggest you an other specialist to determine the cause of speech delay.

  For example ; If your doctor thinks about hearing loss, may refer you an audiologist for a hearing test. Other specialists may be referred to you.

   Such as a Speech and  Language Pathologist. A SLP may give you information about how you can help your child to improve speaking skills. 

   A Psychologist may help you about behavioural problems ( When children feel like uncomfortable at expressing themselves, they can anger easily. They may express themselves in different ways, sometimes with unexpected behaviours. ) 

   An Occupational Therapist may help you and your child for daily activities. 

   A Social Worker may help you about family problems that you may face due to the diagnosis.

   Regardless of the reason, it is necessary to work hard as a team to overcome the speech delay. 

28 December 2021

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