Asperger's Syndrome

Asperger's Syndrome

        Children with Asperger's syndrome—the majority of whom are boys—have average or higher intelligence and have excellent memories. If they focus on a single subject and go after it, it may lead them to be very successful in their life. AS is considered to be a very extreme disorder of autism. Low-functioning autistic children live in their own world, high-functioning autistic people live in our world but with their own methods. Naturally, not all children with AS are the same, each has their own personality.

The children with AS insist on sameness,

- can't handle small daily changes

- hypersensitive to environmental stress factors

- worried 

-  feel obsessively anxious when they do not know what is waiting for them or what is next

-  can easily lose their balance as a result of stress, excessive tiredness, and emotional loads

Clues ; 

  • To provide a predictable and safe environment.

  • to minimize the transitions between activities.

  • avoiding surprises. providing consistent daily routines


Children with AS have difficulty in understanding the complex structure of social relationships.

They are naive.

They may not like physical contact and are generally self-centered.

They don't understand the beards.

They have difficulty understanding metaphors.

Their tones and speech are not natural but generally mechanical.

They misjudge social cues .

They cannot evaluate social distance,

It cannot be said that they are very talented in starting and maintaining communication.

In general, their speaking content is advanced, but their communication is poor.

Cannot assume that other people will lie or deceive him, has a desire to be involved in social life



As a result, although they want to be in social life, this situation can sometimes be very wearing and challenging.

Clues ; 

  • Protect the child from bullying and angering.

  • Inform the child's peers about this special situation.

  • Make sure that he is accepted among his peers. For example, create situations that will reveal admirable features such as memory, vocabulary, reading ability, and intellectual accumulation. make sure he/she demonstrates his/her academic proficiency. this will positively affect his acceptance among his peers.

  • Most of the AS children want to maintain a friendship relationship, but they do not know how to behave. They should be taught how to react in various situations and they should be provided to keep up with different social environments.

  • Children with Asperger's syndrome have difficulty understanding what others are feeling. If they are not kind, if they act insensitively, if they act wrongly unintentionally, they can be told that these behaviors are wrong. An explanation can be made about the correct behavior patterns.


Children with Asperger's have strange areas of interest, they passionately want to research about these areas of interest and tell what they have learned, in many cases they do not want to learn about subjects that are out of their area of ​​​​interest, and they can resist.  They can ask repetitive questions about their area of ​​interest and want to continue the communication just by talking about it.

Clues ; 

  • Try to keep the talking time about the restricted area of ​​interest under control.

  • Be sure to use words full of praise when the desired behavior is displayed correctly.

  • One of the most important points is to help him to comply with social rules.

  • Get him/her  to look around more broadly by creating opportunities for him to develop his interests.

AS children have the intelligence to complete their normal education and continue their lives as a professional. It is a long and patient process for them to learn how to cope with the challenges they face during their educational journey. 

If she/he knows what to do when she/he feels stressed,
her/his  self-confidence increases as the subjects she/he is successful in increase,
he/she feels that she/he is understood by others  life will be better for them just like us !!!

23 February 2022

I have been working in the field of Special Education since I graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Psychology in 2001. I have a wide experience in Individual Education Responsibility Group Training Responsibility Education Coordinator Institution Founding I have a lot of long time experience in the Special Education Field, including the Director of the Institution.

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