Development of Baby

Development of Baby

In the process from the birth of the baby to the growth stage, the changes that it undergoes physically and functionally with the passing time are called baby development in general. This process, which begins from birth, continues until childhood. At first, there are weekly development parameters, while monthly or age tables are drawn as the baby grows up. In general, the minimum characteristics expected from the baby are indicated. But not every baby's development proceeds along the same lines. It varies according to the environment in which the baby is growing up or according to his physiological characteristics. What is indicated on the baby development chart are the movements that should be in the baby during the described period. For example, newborn babies react to opening their mouths with a sucking reflex directly when a stimulus is given to the edges of the mouth. This is a feature that is expected of all newborns born on time. What needs to be taken into account for infant development is that the baby is progressing in his normal physiology.


What You Need to Know About Baby Development


The process called the development of the baby begins while he is still a fetus in the womb. In the process up to the birth, the baby is expected to complete his physical development. With pregnancy monitoring, the developments and characteristics of the baby are kept under follow-up throughout the pregnancy process. The place where the baby grows and develops the fastest is also the mother's womb. This process of rapid development continues actively until the very birth process. In the newborn period, on the other hand, a rapid development is observed, although not as much as the process in the womb. in infants aged 0 to 1 month, unexpected developments or changes in physical appearance may occur. For example, newborn babies have some weight loss within 1-2 days. This condition, which is kept under the supervision of a doctor, is considered normal to a certain extent. The rate of development of newborn babies shows a slowdown in subsequent periods.

During infancy, there are some extra important processes. These processes are the periods that affect the development of the baby, making a difference for the advanced period. For example, 6. it is widely known that additional food should be started in infants after the month october But this process can occur earlier or a little later than the development of the baby. In this case, it is important to get an expert opinion. In the same way, sitting without support after a certain period of time and stopping breastfeeding are among the physiological and psychological changes that are expected to teething is expected to begin in infants after the month. Babies acquire features that affect their development very much, such as crawling and subsequent walking. There is information about when these processes should start at the latest. But in which month it can begin for the first time, it is completely related to the development of the baby.


In order for the baby to have a healthy development, the tasks that fall to the parents are quite a lot. Because parents provide the bulk of the communication factor in infancy. Parents play an active role in the process of baby development. One of the most important factors affecting the physical development of the baby is the correct care of them. For example, the wrong diaper of the baby can adversely affect the development of walking and hips in the advanced period. Given to the baby by the parents; it should be noted that the main care, such as breastfeeding, changing diapers, skin care and taking a bath, should be done correctly.

What are the factors Affecting the Development of the Baby?

Not every baby in the same period may show the same development. Factors affecting the development of the baby play a big role in this development process. These factors can be listed as baby, parent or environmental. The biggest factors affecting the development of the baby, can be counted as follows;

• The development process that occurs in the uterus also has a big impact on the process after childbirth. For example, babies born with a low birth weight are expected to reach the normal weight limit quickly. In addition, premature babies were born earlier than their normal time. In this case, the development rate can be calculated based on the missing accuracy week. in a baby born 3 weeks prematurely, newborn reflexes may begin 3 weeks after birth. But with a premature baby, he is able to catch up with his peers, showing rapid development.

* Genetic factors play a big role in the development of the baby. For example, in the development of physical characteristics such as height and weight, a relationship can be established with the body structure of the mother and father.

* Hormones are among the hidden factors dec affect the development of the baby. Hormones that are invisible to the eye can act on the baby's body or mental development in the background. The effect of thyroid hormone on development is obvious. In addition, growth hormone is also very important.

• The sex of the baby may also differ in the growth tables. Although there are not very big differences, there may be some small differences in change between the sexes as a dec of. This factor can be more clearly understood in twin babies of different sexes. It is considered normal for a baby boy to stand a little bigger than a girl.


• In addition to these factors, eating habits, sleep patterns and health problems closely affect the development of the baby.

Kidolog Baby Development

We are happy to be with you by monitoring the mother and baby during pregnancy. In addition, we will continue to provide consultancy services for baby development monitoring in the process after birth; we will be with you with our expert team strength. With Kidolog baby development tracker, you can easily find answers to the question marks in your mind. We are closely following the baby's development process and moving forward in cooperation with the parents. You can contact the expert team for information and support on baby development.

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