Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

In time, with the widespread use of the internet and the strengthening of social media, encyclopedias were replaced by screens. We use our screens for recipes, nutrition options, healthy life, diets, skin care, and clothing selection many times during the day.

We even try to learn from the screen how we should shorten the screen time of our  children ????


There are great sites that contain useful information, and there are also sites that confuse us and that we are not sure about.


There are many groups established on social media. The purpose of the establishment of these groups is magnificent.

Sharing new and updated information

To support families

Facilitate the exchange of information

Gathering families with similar problems together

I have found out  a few groups that I follow precisely because of their founding purpose. The subject is child in general, child development, special education.


In many groups, families want answers to their questions and feel support because they need help.  Countless posts are published during the day, so I try to follow the questions and answers from time to time.


Lets have a look at the common asked  questions and the answers.

1 ) My 4 years old son is always full. Doesn’t like to eat anything. I am so worried about him. Could you please sent your fun recipes that your children like and eat ?

Here are some answers ;

“ Use fish oil”  ( how about allergens )

“ Don’t worry my son was skinny at 4. He grew so healthy “ ( ever child is unique)

“ Leave him hungry, so he will begin to eat whatever you cook”  ( does it work?)


2) Could you please give advice about attention raising activities. My son is 7 and has attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Here we go ;

“ Use medical treatments “    ( Is it necessary in all cases ?)

“ You know a cure is not found about ADHD, so I wish you accept your child such”   ( Cure ?)


3) We started toilet training with my 5 years old daughter, but we have a very difficult time, what suggestions do you have?


“ You are too late for potty training”

“ Leave the diapers in daylight, then while just about to sleep let her wear diapers at night ”


4) “ My 3 years old boy cant be able to talk clearly, in playground he doesn’t want to play with peers. Have any of you had such problems? how should i behave ?

“ Maybe he has autism symptoms “ 

“ if not happy in playground, you shouldn’t take him there, do whatever he wants, leave the choice to him “


I feel really sad when I see that there are dozens and hundreds of answers like this and this. Of course, there are also very accurate and wonderful comments written under each of them,

I can only understand how confused they are  when I put myself in the place of the people  asking the question.


When the answers given to the questions asked are examined, the result is that; some of the respondents write comments without thinking, with a lack of information or they are unsuccessful in expressing exactly what they want to say.

So why do people share their questions in groups like this?

The main reason is to get quick answers to their questions.

This is exactly why online counselling is a solution that will save all parents the trouble of eliminating wrong answers. In online counselling studies, the child is examined in detail and specifically.

Success is achieved quickly by applying the right methods in the light of the information received from the family.



20 April 2022

I have been working in the field of Special Education since I graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Psychology in 2001. I have a wide experience in Individual Education Responsibility Group Training Responsibility Education Coordinator Institution Founding I have a lot of long time experience in the Special Education Field, including the Director of the Institution.

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