There is two different practitioner’s view in order to defence their statements, First of all, the supporter of the idea that NLP is the pseudoscience, it can be said that; 

It's a pseudoscience because it introduces a slew of bloated and pointlessly convoluted words that obscure the approach's basic simplicity. NLP, on the other hand, is, in my perspective, a religious viewpoint. EG. Everything in the realm of communication that is "helpful" is actually a sort of NLP. 

Moreover, it has been mentioned by the criticiser of the NLP in order to mention about the rigid and non-empirical regulations of the NLP. For example; It's difficult to break free after you've embraced it since every critical idea gets short-circuited back to the NLP worldview. When NLP defenders try to explain why NLP has no scientific foundation, they end up boldly stating that it doesn't require it because it is so successful anyway. In reality, NLP practitioners aren't interested in determining whether or not NLP works. There's no need to modify anything since everything's wonderful the way it is. It's their map, and every obstacle will be addressed in terms of... that map. It's very great.

Above all, as it has mentioned above NLP does not accumulate data in order to have a accurate empirical and scientific results.

On the other hand, there are some supporter's of the NLP are thinking that, I know NLP worked for me since I no longer have such obstacles and have instant freedom to go on after experiencing the impacts of a skilled practitioner. Following that, I've successfully worked with clients on such challenging conditions as asthma, hay fever, cancer, chronic fatigue syndrome, phobias, panic attacks, and finally all those limiting beliefs that have been released but are significantly more difficult to establish scientifically.

The second of his idea in this statement they have mentioned that; NLP cannot be considered a perfect science. Alternatively, because to the technological limitations of how a keyboard works, not everyone will be able to play a quality tune.

Actually, in this latest statement we can realise, and it is a proof that NLP cannot be applicable in a huge range. To conclude, it seems to me that NLP have a long journey in order to proof as it is accurate to apply all psychology field. This controversial issue has ignited a public debate in all around the world.



4 February 2022

Since 2016, I have been providing student coaching services as well as psychological support services. I am a graduate of the International University of Malaysia / Department of Psychology. I have the opportunity to have a great command of literature through my foreign language, English. Moreover, I am accredited psychologist at International Psychology center/ Malaysia.

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