Mindfulness Exercise? Is It Really Effective?

Mindfulness Exercise? Is It Really Effective?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness Technique is one of the most curious concepts of recent years. Mindfulness is not a religion or teaching, although its main point of origin is Buddhist philosophy. As a human race, we live our lives in a life experience that is far from our biological nature. Although there are many elements of comfort that the modern world contributes to our lives, we are having a serious struggle mentally at the point of living this life the way we want. Mindfulness Exercise is the answer to many of your concentration problems as well.

This condition usually brings with it high stress and related disorders. People also care about various rituals that will balance happiness and satisfaction in their world of emotions. From time to time, when you can get out of the speed, responsibilities or problems that daily life brings, you realize that life is in great peace with the present tense.

Mindfulness Exercise can be confused with many different studies. Firstly, this is not an affirmation meditation or a personal development program. In fact, it is also not an awareness technique.

Mindfulness Technique is the study of observing and making sense of what the experience that you have experienced at that moment makes you feel and what it means to you.

Mindfulness is the observation of anything that you see or feel at that moment as it is.

Mindfulness Exercise and Daily Life?

Mindfulness exercises can include a large number of different applications. At this stage, it seems as if it would be more understandable if we went further by giving an example of Mindfulness. Suppose you continue with your usual routine during the day. Your various jobs, responsibilities and vital activities are progressing. You sit down somewhere and drink coffee and breathe a little. There is also no need to take care of anything else from the moment you order the coffee. You don't need to take a social media ride or answer an email on the phone. See the atmosphere with the table you are sitting at, feel the breeze of the air and really hear the sounds around. From the moment your coffee arrives, watch the smoke on the coffee, inhale its smell and take a sip. Feel the journey in your body while drinking that sip. And, yes ! That coffee happiness that was formed suddenly began to add pleasure to everything.

The experience here was maybe having a cup of coffee that we all drink every day. What it means to you is that the moment was special for you, and it entered your experience map. We go through many different periods in our lives. There are happy, joyful, fun times, as well as events and memories when every person feels nervous, sad, or powerless. When we look back and evaluate each of these memories, we see that each of them is an experience and teaches us different things. And all these past experiences will also help you understand what you have experienced in the present. With Minfulness Exercise, they are aimed that you only observe what is happening at that moment, in the dimension of emotion, thought or body. Without judging, blaming, or putting any positive or negative labels on it. Just objectively observe the experience that you are experiencing at that moment. All thanks to Mindfulness Exercise.

What are Mindfulness Exercises?

Mindfulness techniques consist of more than one number of techniques. An exercise that is beneficial for a friend may not have the same effect on you. By experiencing the different exercise options here, you can discover the ideal exercises that are good for you.

*Mindfulness Exercise on Breathing

This exercise allows you to discover things about yourself in the natural flow of life by sitting down and noticing the change and quality of your breath during breathing. Like the dance of the waves in a sea, the flow of your breath changes constantly. You feel the experience of being a part of them instead of fighting with situations or events in the flow of life.

*Mindfulness Exercise on the Senses

The human body is home to the influence of various emotions that occur in relation to breathing on certain sensory organs. In exercises on the senses, you will notice which sense of your body is located, such as fear, anxiety, or happiness. When you are in the flow and do not create resistance in the fluctuations that occur with breathing; you may notice that the loads in your senses undergo a spontaneous change and transformation.

*Mindfulness Exercise on Thoughts and Emotions

After the exercises on the senses and breathing, at this stage you can also allow the change created by the flow on your thought world and emotions.

We would like to summarize the general benefits of mindfulness exercises;

-You can begin to be liberated from living by rote.

-Instead of the influence of the past or the future; You will meet the gifts of the present.

-It helps you to be in harmony with nature.

Mindfulness Exercise is the best way to controll the flow of life. We are here to help you with the best techniques.

-You can simplify your life easily.We wish you to live your life in harmony with the flow of nature, refreshing every new day.

6 March 2022

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