My Child Is Old Enough to Have Toilet Training

My Child Is Old Enough to Have Toilet Training

           Toilet Training, which is an issue that the families of our special children act in a hurry, is actually should not be evaluated together with the age of our children. Especially as a result of sincere and sincere insistence of the family elders such as, " now, he/she is 3 years old, don't be late for toilet training.", or difficulty in finding suitable diapers or the child being uneasy during the diaper change, the families decide to start Toilet Training in the early period and go thorough very diffucult process.

            After  all, age is never a benchmarkfor our special kids, even if they have the same diagnosis, the developmental stages and potential. Our special children are uniquely.When we consider the situation,it should be noted that the readiness of our child for toilet training is the most important point. I mean by being ready, our child is completely must be ready in physically and mentally. 

            If we insist of giving toilet training to our child who is not ready;

Our child will be at least as persistent as you and this situation will turn into a complete battle 

It will be become a long and tiring process.

            If we start toilet training in a period that we know our child is ready ( age is not a criteria) we will have a quite comfortable and peaceful period. At the same time, our child's successful completion of toilet training definitely means he/she is taking a huge step forward cognitively.

            How do we know if our child is ready for toilet training? 

* Waking up dry, 

* Staying dry for more than 2 hours during the day,

* Decreasing the number of wet diapers,

* Having regular bowel movements,

* Performing movement like  sitting, squatting, walking comfortably ,

* Wearing trousers, underwears,

* Distinguishind between wet and dry,

* Being able to express that he/she have to go to toilet,

* Being able to do what he/she is told,

* Noticing that he/she is popping or peeing ,

* Presence of behaviors such as being eager to imitate family members,

* Willingness to please parents,

* Not being able to put up with poopy or wet diapers,

* Willingness to sit on the toilet for 5-10 minutes,

* Wondering how older children poop.

If you are convinced that your child is ready for toilet training when you checked the list, let's get started :) 

After started the training ,you should be cafefull about these subjects : 

1 ) Fluid Consumption  : Make sure our child has at least 6-8 glasses of fluids during the day. Avoid fizzy drinks, drinks with sugar.

2) Check for Constipation :  Your child should poo at least four times a week and the poo should be soft. 

3) Have a routine : Don't ask your child if they need a wee or a poo as they might not know what this is to begin with. Call it 'potty time' or 'toilet time' and go every couple of hours.

4) Use Easy Clothes : Choose easy clothes, specially avoid the clothes with buttons, zips. i would be better if you select clothes that they cam get dry fast,

5 ) Be consistent: If your child is looked after by a relative or goes to nursery or a childminder make sure you let them know that you’re starting potty training and the way you’re planning to do it. It really helps if everyone who cares for your child is doing the same thing.

6) Praise your child : For every little step ( sitting on potty, wash hands, wear trousers )  give rewards to the children.

7) Be patient : In general we suppose that the period takes short time. in the other hand i am sure you will live hard times but management of hard times is not easy but necessary.


             If you have difficulties in this process, you should definitely get support from an expert.



13 December 2021

I have been working in the field of Special Education since I graduated from Hacettepe University, Department of Psychology in 2001. I have a wide experience in Individual Education Responsibility Group Training Responsibility Education Coordinator Institution Founding I have a lot of long time experience in the Special Education Field, including the Director of the Institution.

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