Sensory Integration Disorders in Autism

Sensory Integration Disorders in Autism

In the DSM5, a diagnostic manual for children, it is stated that children with autism have intense sensory integration problems. Children with autism experience much more intense sensory integration problems in all other diagnostic groups due to the functioning problems in their brains. And their participation in occupational therapy treatments for these problems significantly improves their quality of life.

According to a news in Autism Speaks, a social platform consisting of families of children with autism, according to the results of the survey conducted with 8000 American families of children with autism, occupational therapy, applied together with sensory integration applications, was the method that families thought most useful in the treatment of children with autism.

Occupational therapy 39%
Speech Therapy 27%
Aba Therapy 15%

What are Sensory Integration Disorders of Children with Autism?

We can list the most common sensory integration problems in children with autism as follows:

sensory escapes
Sensory Awareness
Stimulus Seeking
Sensory Modulation Problems Caused by the Sensory Threshold Problem
Visual Motor Control Difficulties
Hand Preference Issues
Balance Problems
Posture Disorders
Toe Walking
Problems in Sequencing Skills
What Should You Do for Sensory Integration Disorder of Children with Autism?

Our children with autism or suspected autism should receive occupational therapy support. Thanks to Sensory Integration Therapy, many potential problems can be solved before they start. Regulation, stimulus seeking, and sensory escapism are the bane of our children with autism. These problems limit their learning because they cannot solve it on their own. Treatment is offered with both occupational therapy sessions and sensory diets recommended by the occupational therapist.

7 February 2022

I am Occupational Therapist (Sensory Integration Specialist) Hülya YAMAN. I graduated from Biruni University Occupational Therapy in 2019. I am currently doing my Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy at BIruni University. After graduating in 2019, I worked with children with neurodevelopmental disorders in Bulgaria and Lithuania and gained experience in international treatment methods.

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