What is Couple Therapy?

What is Couple Therapy?

What is Couple Therapy? For Whom Is It Necessary?

Couples therapy may be one of the types of therapy that you have heard about the most recently. Also known as family and couple therapy, this field is a branch of psychotherapy that regulates the relationship between couples and, in some cases, family members behaviors and emotion conflicts.

In any marriage, it is normal for the couples to have conflicts from time to time. In social life as a persons, these conflicts are considered normal. However, if the conflict situation is constantly ongoing and reaches a point where both sides cannot find a solution, it may be time to seek professional support. If there is a situation of emotional or verbal disagreement between couples, it will negatively affect the psychological development of the child as well as a result. In such cases, families can also come into play, and the complexity of the problem can gradually increase. In family and couple therapy sessions, your therapist may want to take all family members to the session as well. The relationships that individuals establish with each other are important for their own mental health and emotional satisfaction. In couples where the environment is involved, the rate of showing mutual communication and empathy decreases. Therefore, the door to a path to divorce can be opened sadly.

When you attend couples therapy sessions, it may be easier for you to achieve your individual balance with the support of an expert psychologist. However, when the balance between the couples is also achieved, the impact of the social environment will gradually begin to decimate. If they feel the need, they can request that their therapist also have a session with other members of the family.

Individuals who participate in family and couple therapy often have awareness beyond the problems that appear. They experience discoveries about themselves, their partners and life. These gains can continue to contribute to individuals over a longer-term period of life.


Who Can Benefit from Family and Couple Therapy?

Family and couple therapy is suitable for every person who has problems in their relationship. It is widely beneficial within a very wide framework. We would like to list some of them;

*Marital Problems

* Couples Who are About to Make a Divorce Decision or Whose Decision is Clear

*Alcohol and Substance Use

*Changes in Family Life (Change of Job, Material Damage, Relocation, etc.)

*Bereavements, Loss and Other Traumas

*Psychosexual Difficulties

*Emotional Dysfunctions such as Anxiety and Depression

*Adoption, Foster parent/child relationships

*Parent and child relations after divorce

*Economic Problems

*Behaviors that are Harmful to Yourself and Your Partner

*Intense Work stress

*Support for children, teenagers or adults after trauma

The substances that you see above, and in some other cases, family and couple therapy will help to identify the main source of the problems and helps to change it. The change here mediates emotional and behavioral changes while gaining new and supportive habits.

Couple Therapy and Consultant Selection

When you decide to get couples therapy, you have managed to get through the most difficult first step. No individual builds relationships to be unhappy or hurt each other when getting married or having children. But we continue to know ourselves and evolve individually throughout life. It is quite a human situation to judge the events that took place during the decadal transition processes and ourselves. But, although it is a human reaction, it does not always have a positive effect on our quality of life. When you decide to receive family and couple therapy support, you have completed the acceptance stage. This is also a basic requirement for solving related problems or other problems. If even one of the couples is reluctant or forced to leave, the process may be prolonged.

The average course of couples therapy can last from 8 to 24 sessions.

We also recommend that you pay attention to some issues when choosing the specialist you want to get couples therapy from. For example, psychologists whom you, your partner, or family members know from social life may not be very suitable. The less likely you are to experience a stress socially during the process, the more beneficial it will be.

In addition, the satisfaction rates of other couples who have previously worked with their specialists can also guide you.

We assume that you have contacted more than one expert psychologist before making your final decision. In this process, it will be useful for you to work with the specialist who makes you feel closest to you as an individual and as a couple.

It's a journey. In the process of couples therapy, you will experience awareness about perhaps your most intimate feelings. Therefore, paying attention to the choice of specialists will contribute primarily to your relationships and indirectly to your daily life and work life.

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May peace and success be with you in all aspects of your life.

6 March 2022

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